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How to sort and dispose of your waste from the holiday home

You can dispose of waste from your holiday home here

All holiday homes in the municipalities of Holstebro, Lemvig, Skive and Struer are signed up for rubbish collection. Each holiday home area uses a specific waste solution.

In some areas, dual compartment waste containers are placed at the individual summer cottages, while other areas have underground containers for common use.

Please place food waste and residual waste in the waste container belonging to your holiday home or in the underground containers.

If you have got other types of waste, including plastic, paper or metal, please sort it and take it to the nearest recycling depot for recycling.

Find the nearest recycling depot

Underground containers for everybody to use

How to sort your waste


Container belonging to the holiday home

Container with residual waste and food waste

Residual waste 

All the waste that does not belong to any other waste category.

Examples of residual waste:

• Pizza boxes containing food waste/fat
• Nappies
• Chips and coffee bags (with metal layer)
• Gift wrapping paper  
• Dirty paper and cardboard  
• Napkins
• Nappies, sanitary towels and cotton buds  
• Vacuum cleaner bags
• Ashes and cigarette butts in a bag (cold)
• Sweepings
• Cat litter in a bag
• Bedding from smaller pets
• Animal excrements


Residual waste

Food waste 

Must be placed in green bags and sealed with a knot.

Examples of food waste:

• Fruits and vegetables 
• Coffee filters and tea bags made of paper 
• Egg shells
• Meat and cold meat left-overs 
• Fish and shellfish 
• Smaller bones (poultry, pork and lamb ribs)
• Bread and cakes
• Rice and pasta 
• Cheese and milk products 
• Fat and sauces
• Flower bouquets

Food waste

NOTE: Each holiday home area uses a specific waste solution.

Residual waste is either placed in waste containers with two compartments, located by the house, or in underground containers for everybody to use..

How to obtain green plastic bags for food waste

When you have got half a roll of bags left, tie an empty bag onto the handle on the container for food and residual waste. 200 new bags will be left for you during the next rubbish collection or the one after that.

The green bag must remain on the container until you have received new bags. Once you have received new bags, remove the bag from the handle.

If you need more bags, apart from those 5 rolls, you can buy them at the recycling depot. A roll of 40 bags costs DKK 10 and you can pay through MobilePay at the recycling depots.

NOTE: The green bags are only for food waste.

How to sort your waste

The following types of waste must be sorted for recycling and taken to the recycling depot


Empty the packaging and scrape off any left-overs. Does not need to be washed.

Examples of metal waste:

• Tins
• Beer and soft drink cans
• Caps and lids
• Tealight candle holders 
• Pots and pans 
• Cutlery 
• Nails and screws 
• Fixtures and mixers
• Coffee capsules without coffee
• Tinfoil
• Foil trays

Piktogram metal


Empty the glass container and scrape off any left-overs. Does not need to be washed.

Examples of glass waste:

• Glass bottles
• Preserving jars 
• Glass containers
• Drinking glasses
• Pieces of broken glass from all of the above

Piktogram glas

Beverage & food cartons

Empty the packaging and fold it. Does not need to be washed.

Examples of beverage and food cartons:

• Milk and yoghurt cartons
• Cartons for drinks, e.g. juice
• Cartons for food, e.g. skinned tomatoes, beans

Piktogram mad- og drikkekartoner


Empty the packaging and scrape off any left-overs. Does not need to be washed.

Examples of plastic waste:

• Plastic bottles
• Plastic canisters (e.g. from cleaning agents or soap)
• Plastic trays
• Plastic buckets 
• Plastic lids
• Plastic bags (without metal layer)
• Plastic foil and clingfilm
• Bubble wrap
• Covers for CDs or DVDs
• Plastic toys (without electronic parts)

Piktogram plast


You may leave clips and tape on the cardboard.

Examples of cardboard waste:

• Clean and dry cardboard
• Cardboard boxes
• Corrugated cardboard 
• Cardboard packaging
• Cardboard packaging from foodstuff and products
• Shoe boxes 
• Cardboard tubes from kitchen towels and toilet paper
• Paperboard 
• Egg trays

Piktogram pap


You may leave clips and tape on the paper.

Examples of paper waste:

• Newspapers
• Printed advertisements
• Printed papers
• Magazines
• Brochures
• Office paper
• Envelopes with windows
• Receipts

Piktogram papir

Hazardous waste

Look for the danger symbols on the product.

Examples of hazardous waste

• Paint left-overs
• Spray cans
• Chemicals (preferably in the original container)
• Batteries
• Thermometers
• Lightbulbs
• Fertiliser
• Descaling agents
• Oil left-overs
• Weedkiller from household use
• Rodent poison
• Printer cartridges
• Nail varnish and nail varnish remover
• Empty packaging featuring the danger symbol for acute toxicity or health hazard

Piktogram farligt affald

Textile waste

Textile waste must be dry.

Textile waste includes:

Used clothes:
• Blouses, tops, T-shirts, shirts and sweaters
• Pants, shorts, jeans and leggings
• Dresses and skirts
• Underwear
• Nightwear
• Socks, stockings and tights
• Sportswear and swimwear
• Clean cloth diapers
• Beanies, mittens and scarves
• Parts and pieces of clothes

Used textiles:
• Towels and facecloths
• Kitchen towels and cloths
• Tablecloths and cloth napkins
• Bedlinen
• Curtains, only textile
• Blankets
• Pillow and cushion covers
• Duvets, pillows, cushions and stuffed animals with e. g. synthetic filling or down filling
• Leftover fabric
• Rag rugs, only textile
• Shopping/tote bags, only textile

Functioning second hand clothes should be handed in separately.

Piktogram farligt affald

This is where our environmental and recycling stations are located

All recyclable waste, which must be separated out for recycling, can be delivered to an environmental or recycling station.

The possibilities of delivering recyclable waste to environmental stations will vary depending on where your cottage is located. All recyclable waste can be delivered to a recycling station. Click the recycling station on the map to view its opening hours.

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